How to Pressure Wash Your Deck for Annual Upkeep

Your deck is a valuable extension of your home, and maintaining its look and structure is key to enjoying your outdoor space. Pressure washing is a powerful way to refresh your deck and remove grime, dust, and old finish. It’s important, though, to do it right to protect the wood and stay safe.

Pressure washing can revitalize your deck, but requires proper techniques and safety precautions to prevent wood damage and personal harm.

Steps for Pressure Washing Your Deck:

1. Proper Technique: Keep the nozzle about 12 to 18 inches from the deck to avoid damage. Use a lower pressure setting to prevent wood gouging or splintering. Move with the wood grain to clean effectively and prevent streaks.

2. Safety Gear: Protect yourself with safety glasses, gloves, and durable boots to guard against debris and water spray. If using a gas-powered washer, consider ear protection due to noise.

3. Precautions: Shield plants and sensitive areas around the deck with tarps or plastic. Clear the deck surface of furniture and other items for a clear workspace.

4. Nozzle and Settings: Pick a 25- or 40-degree nozzle suited for decks. Start with gentle pressure, adjusting for wood type and condition as necessary.

5. Cleaning Solution: Deck cleaners can tackle stubborn stains. Use as directed for mixing and applying. Apply evenly and let sit as suggested before washing.

6. Washing Technique: Wash in broad, horizontal strips, slightly overlapping to cover the whole deck. Repeat passes or cleaner application if needed for a deep clean.

7. Drying and Inspection: Let the deck dry fully before any sanding, staining, or sealing. Look over the deck for spots needing more attention.

To keep your deck beautiful and lasting, regular care like pressure washing is key. Use the correct methods, gear, and cleaners to safely and effectively clean your deck. Annual maintenance ensures you’ll enjoy your outdoor haven for many seasons.

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